Trump Adviser Roger Stone: Alicia Machado Is A “Ho Bag”

Trump Adviser Roger Stone: Alicia Machado Is A “Ho Bag”


From the October 3 edition of WIOD’s Fernand Amandi Show:

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ROGER STONE: I would have handled that debate somewhat differently. I thought he scored some points on trade and jobs particularly. He had his moments. I would have not gotten into a fight with this ho bag from Venezuela who is according to the records, filed with the county of Miami-Dade --

FERNAND AMANDI (HOST): Wait a minute, Roger, Roger, Roger, Roger. Ho bag? Why ho bag? You have no issue when it comes to consensual sexual behavior.

STONE: Well I’ve seen the porno film. I’ve seen the porno film, that’s why. You can go online and see it yourself.


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