Fox's Cavuto Asks If “We Are Overstating” The Violence At Trump Events

Neil Cavuto: “Do You Think The Media Disproportionately Focuses On These Disruptions, And Not On The Others?”

From the March 11 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

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NEIL CAVUTO (HOST):  Well, you have to ask yourself whether all of this is to be believed or not, is it hurting the image of Donald Trump? We should preface here that his events carry huge crowds, often times tens of thousands in a crowd. So, are we overstating some incidents that are small by comparison?


CAVUTO:  I wonder that, you know, reporters generally don't like their treatment at a lot of events. I mean, I think it was at Hillary Clinton's events where they were roped off, or penned in. Different campaigns, different styles, but nevertheless Ron, it does raise a bigger question about, as the crowds get bigger for candidates as we approach the nominations and the conventions and then the general election itself, what role in this very divisive, heated year, should the candidates themselves be playing?

RON MEYER: Well, I think he has to set the tone for his campaign, and this is becoming a tone of his campaign. When you are running on things that are extremely divisive, that are unprecedented within the Republican party, running on, you know, very anti-immigration, anti-trade, nationalist -- and even Pat Buchanan said this this week, and he's a big Trump supporter, Trump is running on ethno-nationalist policies. That's not Republican policies. And when you run on those types of policies, you're going to see uprisings from Americans, you're going to see people upset, because that's not what we're are about. And so, that's why you're seeing --

CAVUTO: But how would that be any different from a Hillary Clinton rally, in which she espouses views that bother some, and Black Lives Matter, who tried to disrupt her campaign, or Bernie Sanders' campaign? Do you think the media disproportionately focuses on these disruptions, and not the others?

SUSAN CRABTREE: I think, when you talk about Pat Buchanan. I mean, I remember -- I'm old enough to remember 1996 when he said “Hey Jose, get back across the border.” So Pat Buchanan complaining about this doesn't really hold a lot of water with me.


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