CNN's Trump Apologist Blames Violence At Trump Rallies On Protesters And "The American Left"

CNN's Trump Apologist Blames Violence At Trump Rallies On Protesters And "The American Left"

Jeffrey Lord: "There Are People Who Go To These Rallies With The Deliberate Intent Of Provoking People" To Violence


From the March 10 edition of CNN's CNN Newsroom:

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BROOKE BALDWIN (HOST): This is about the anger, this is about the feeling.

DAVID CATANESE: It doesn't matter though. He's the candidate, and if he wants to be president of the United States he should stand up and denounce violence.

KAYLEIGH MCENANY: Why didn't Obama denounce the Black Panthers then? Would you agree calling for Obama to denounce the Black Panthers?

CATANESE: This getting out of control. This is only happening at Trump rallies with reporters, with photographers. He needs to do it, that's what leaders do. And he should denounce the violence, because that is outrageous.

JEFFREY LORD: David, David, number one, there's no place for violence period in the American political system, right?


LORD: Unfortunately, the American left has a very, very long and detailed history of doing exactly this --

CATANESE: Why are we -- but that's not what we're talking about --

LORD: No, no, no, that is what we're talking about --

CATANESE: That's fine --

LORD: We are talking about people who show up at rallies, Donald Trump or whatever -- to provoke, to provoke.

BALDWIN: But shouldn't Mr. Trump say "stop?"
LORD: They are in search of violence. That's what their objective is.

CATANESE: That's fine, but you have to --

LORD: What do you think the 1968 Democratic convention was all about?

CATANESE: You're bringing up all these different angles -

LORD: It's history, David, it counts.

CATANESE: Why can't Trump stand up and say look, you can be passionate, I love you, my supporters, I thank you, but we can't hit anyone at rallies. Shouldn't he do that?


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