Fox's Brit Hume: “Was That So Terrible” That Donald Trump Jr. Tweeted Comparison Of Refugees To Poisoned Skittles

Hume: “Was That So Terrible? ... It's Just An Analogy”

From the September 20 edition of Fox News' On The Record with Brit Hume:

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BRIT HUME (HOST): Well, that created quite a storm. I guess the Skittles people came out and said Skittles are candy, and refugees are people, right? But, the analogy was if you knew that some of these people in a group were going to be terrorists would you take a whole bunch of them in? So, was that so terrible?

NINA EASTON: Well, I think the concern was that it was dehumanizing. I think as Wrigley, the candy company suggested. You are dehumanizing a group of people who have been brutally terrorized by a civil war for years, five years to be exact. 400,000 killed --

HUME: Well, it's just an analogy.

EASTON: Yeah, but I think it kind of plays into a Donald Trump sensibility of well, some are Muslim, let's ban all Muslims.


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