Fox's Brit Hume: Is It Possible To Call A Woman Shrill In America Today Without Being Called Sexist?

Fox's Brit Hume: Is It Possible To Call A Woman Shrill In America Today Without Being Called Sexist?

Hume: “In America Today, Is It Possible For A Woman To Be Shrill, And If So … To Say That Without Ending Up Under The Jail?”


From the September 9 edition of Fox News' On the Record With Brit Hume

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BRIT HUME (HOST): The co-host of Fox and Friends Weekend, my buddy Tucker Carlson joins us now. Hi, Tucker. What do you make of this?

TUCKER CARLSON: Hey, Brit. I think it's weird. I mean, she's actually acting against her own interests here. She sent out a whole ton of surrogates to accuse Donald Trump and the RNC of sexism. You think about it for a minute, that doesn't serve her interests. Hillary Clinton's main strength is that she is strong. She's spend 35 years on the public stage, she's been embroiled in a lot of scandals, and she's still standing, and that's something I think even her detractors can admire, something I admire, actually. She has a toughness. And yet, when she calls foul on sexism, when she says they're being mean to me because I'm a woman, or when she, as she did the other day, recalls some insult that she heard 50 years ago and concedes that it still wounds her, she comes off as brittle, and I don't think, again, I don't think that helps her case at all

HUME: You know at the Democratic convention, I was on after her speech, and it struck me that she did some things effectively in that speech, particularly her critique of Donald Trump. But she seemed -- and she has at other times in the campaign -- to be kind of angry and joyless and, yes, unsmiling. I said that on the air, and I really caught it on Twitter from people who said, "you';re just a sexist, I can't believe somebody's saying that." But it raises this question, Tucker, in America today, is it possible for a woman to be shrill, and if so -- or joyless, or unsmiling, is it possible for somebody to say that without ending up under the jail?


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