Fox News Sunday Panel: Trump's Racist Judge Curiel Attacks Are “His Message”

Fox's Brit Hume: “It May Not Simply Be In The Man To” Be “Careful And Disciplined”

From the June 12 edition of Fox News' Fox News Sunday

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GEORGE WILL: Well, Senator [Jeff] Sessions [(R-AL)] says it's a bad week because Mr. Trump got off message. This really is his message, which is a constant barrage of this sort of thing. Now, senior Republicans are going to him saying, “change your persona.” It's like going to the Rolling Stones and telling Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, “Rock and roll's been very good to you, and you've been good at it, but it's time for you but it's time to go for chamber music.” I don't think they do that, and I don't think he does that. 


BRIT HUME: Well, Trump now must appeal to a much larger universe of voters than he did during primary season, and he seems not to recognize what that means. And what it means is that you simply have to be very careful and disciplined in what you say. And, as George suggests, it may not simply be in the man to do that. We will see. But these kind of reactions to things, this was a personal reaction to what he claims is unfair rulings by a judge, and he shot from the hip, and it worked like crazy, this sort of stuff, during the primary season. It will not work during a general election when you need to gather in people who previously weren't for you. It's as simple as that. And he needs to recognize that and act accordingly if he can. 


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