Fox Hosts Agree, Donald Trump Should Fire Corey Lewandowski

Dana Perino: “Trump Said [...] It's Unfair To Corey Lewandowski. Why Is It Fair To Michelle Fields?”

From the March 29 episode of Fox News' The Five:

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DANA PERINO (CO-HOST): Well they should have done the right thing from the beginning. Which is, he should have apologized, and then maybe it would not have escalated. It's never wrong to do the right thing. And apologizing for something like that, in the middle of a scrum, I think that would have been possibly acceptable to her. But when the first reaction is to lie about it and say it never happened, and then to try to smear her reputation, I mean Donald Trump just said in his interview on the plane that it's unfair to Corey Lewandowski. Well, why is it fair to Michelle Fields, to smear her reputation? She lost her job, she resigned but it was basically because Breitbart didn't back her up. There are other things that she lost out on. The other thing, from an optics standpoint, is if you're the Trump campaign and you know that you have a vulnerability with women and your numbers with women are going down, one, your instincts were to smear a young woman, two, was to lie about it, and three, now, is to suggest that she is still in the wrong, I would say at this point you should cut your losses because your track record of the last month with women is not going to get any better if this kind of thing continues.


GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): Yeah I mean, if this were The Apprentice, Donald Trump would have fired Corey before he fired Kevin Jonas. That's how bad Corey is. So it tells you that Trump somehow has standards that are higher for a TV show than he has for his own presidency. Back in Iowa, I expressed outrage over Corey Lewandowski's intentional intimidation of people at Fox News. The threats he was making. You'd better do this or watch out. I saw this as a problem. And it was a problem for me because Donald Trump speaks about his goals of only hiring the best people around him. Who's around him? This thug? Who's around him? Omarosa? I mean let's be honest, he does not know what good people are.


GUTFELD: If Trump doesn't act, then it's on him.


JEDEDIAH BILA (CO-HOST): At this point, from a political perspective this guy is a huge liability. He just -- this does not help Donald Trump. I don't care about those people who are retweeting him and saying “Yeah, Donald.” Anyone with eyes who sees the video knows that this guy lied, and you're backing him up. So, you want to be a big man? Be a big man, and say “You know what? This is not the story I heard, this is not how it went down,” and have the guts to fire this guy, because obviously he doesn't have the guts to resign himself.


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