Fox Guests Downplay Trump Campaign Manager's Battery Charge: Politics Is “A Contact Sport”

Trump's Campaign Manager Was Reportedly Charged With Battery After Allegedly Grabbing A Former Breitbart News Reporter

From the March 29 edition of Fox News' Happening Now:

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JON SCOTT (HOST): There is a video out there that appears to show Trump moving through a crowd. This reporter shouts a question at him and the video seems to show that he is getting -- that Lewandowski, the campaign manager, grabs this reporter by the arm and a kind of yanks on her. She filed a battery complaint with the Jupiter Police Department. And the police department investigated, apparently says there is enough there that he has been charged with simple battery. First of all, simple battery, Lis, what is it and what kinds of penalties might he face? 

LIS WIEHL: Well it's a misdemeanor which means a year or under. So it's not a felony charge. It's unwanted touching. Technically it's there. It's unwanted touching in a public place. But prosecutorial discretion would definitely be there. I don't know if I was a prosecutor that  I would have charged it. I would definitely talk to the quote-unquote  “victim” but when you're in a place like that and you're shouting like that and you're moving forward, it's not necessarily -- yes, technically it's a chargeable offense. I don't think I would have charged it. 

SCOTT: I'm sorry, the Trump campaign has put out a statement. They say that Lewandowski will enter a plea of not guilty. Looks forward to his day in court. He is completely confident that he will be exonerated. But if you're trying to run a political campaign, not the kind of thing you want to have to deal with . 

ROBERT BIANCHI: Yeah sure, and this is kind of like -- when I was a prosecutor, this was going on all the time, when the silly season, as I would call, would happen. That is the political season. You'd have all sorts of people filing complaints against political candidates in order to smear them or to cause problems or controversy within the campaign. It's not something the Trump campaign wants, but I agree with Lis. As a prosecutor, when I would be making the discretion, I would be looking at all the conduct, all the circumstances. There's throngs of people that are  out there, there's people shouting things. It's a very aggressive environment. He puts his hands on the woman for whatever reason, so we'll have to hear what that defense may be. And escorts her out. There was no serious injury here. It is a political environment. You know it's a contact sport so to speak. So I don't know whether or not as a prosecutor, if I were looking at the overall dynamic of this, I would be moving forward with this kind of case. 


Trump's Campaign Manager Is Charged With Battery


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