CNN's Trump Supporter Kayleigh McEnany: Trump “Never Committed To Not Deporting 11 Million” Immigrants

McEnany: “I Think That's A Good Thing”

From the August 25 edition of CNN's Erin Burnett OutFront:

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KAYLEIGH MCENANY: Well, if you listen specifically to what Donald Trump said in the second sound bite to Sean Hannity, he said I listen to voters, voters tell me I'm too harsh on this policy, they want me to soften it. He never committed to softening it. He did say I want to softening my policy, but he never committed to not deporting 11 million people. He was listening to voters, I think that's a good thing, and today he doubled down on the policy he's always taken is that he wants immigrants to be here, he likes immigrants, he wants them to be a part of this community, but he does believe in the rule of law. 


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