Bloomberg's John Heilemann: Trump's Claim That The Election Will Be Rigged Is “Quite Troubling”

CBS Host: “Do You Think [Trump] Believes That, Or Is This The Beginnings Of The Makings Of An Excuse?”

From the August 5 edition of CBS' CBS This Morning:

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JOSH ELLIOTT (CO-HOST): But [Donald Trump] himself also seems to perhaps be signalling this by saying a few times now the election is rigged. President Obama yesterday spoke to it. Do you think -- and that's quite a flag to plant. Do you think he believes that, or is this the beginnings of the makings of an excuse? 

JOHN HEILEMANN: I have traveled in some strange and difficult to explore places, Josh, but what exactly goes on inside Donald Trump's head, I don't really know. It's an amazing thing, though. It seems like every day, we have something that happens where it's unprecedented, right? The notion that a nominee of a major political party would try to be spinning his defeat in advance, and suggesting that basically American democracy is broken and is crooked in some way? Never seen that before. It's, I think, really quite troubling. 


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