Bloomberg's Halperin: Trump “Plays Into A Fox News, Talk Radio Sensibility” When He Claims The Election Is Rigged

Mark Halperin: Trump Is Looking For A Way He Could “Explain Away A Loss”

From the August 2 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

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MARK HALPERIN: One of the important things [Donald Trump] said yesterday was that the election might be rigged. For those who believe that he's looking for an excuse about losing, saying -- you can always explain it away, you can always at the end of the election say to the conspiracy theorists. You said he cares about rallies and Twitter, you left out the third leg of the stool of building the majority coalition, he's going to get a very high percentage of Sean Hannity viewers. Very high percentage. But to say the election's rigged plays into a Fox News, talk radio sensibility that the Clintons are somehow going to somehow steal the election and there he can explain away a loss.


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