Bloomberg's Halperin: Donald Trump “Can Control The News Better Than A Former First Lady”

Halperin: “If Trump Is Controlling What Gets Talked About, More Days Than Not It's What Trump Wants To Talk About”

From the September 16 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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MEGYN KELLY (HOST): Do you think that this puts a period at the end of the birther thing, or no?

HALPERIN: I think it does for some people and for the media. You know, think about the beginning of the week. I thought we were going to be covering -- all of us, including on The Circus, baskets of deplorables and Hillary Clinton's health. Those things have been washed away by their medical records, now by what's happened with Donald Trump and the birther thing.

So, I think by Monday we won't be talking about it. It'll still have a lot of resonance with a lot of people, but I don't think it's going to be a dire issue.

MARK MCKINNON: That's one thing that's been amazing about this campaign, we have these epic sort of news events happen and two days later, something completely different.

KELLY: Well, we talk about -- for, you know, in many instances what Donald Trump wants us to talk about.


KELLY: I mean that's how -- he drives the news cycle --

HALPERIN: And this was a classic example.

KELLY: -- and the media runs along like lemmings.

HALPERIN: The Clintons have been worried about this for the entire time they realized they were going to face Donald Trump, which is he can control the news better than a former first lady of the United States can. And that's a challenge, because if Trump is controlling what gets talked about, more days than not it's what Trump wants to talk about.


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