Bloomberg's Halperin Praises "Impressive Resume" Of New Trump Campaign CEO Bannon

Bloomberg's Halperin Praises "Impressive Resume" Of New Trump Campaign CEO Bannon


From the August 18 edition of Bloomberg's With All Due Respect:

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MARK HALPERIN (HOST): I think Bannon, probably, should not have let himself be so defined by others. The guy’s got an impressive resume. He is responsible for what goes on Breitbart. He has been since he took over. And there’s a lot of stuff on there that is has defined him as negative, slashing niche, dark. The guy also has a record of accomplishment as a businessman. And I haven't found any clear answer, from what I've read and in my own reporting about what exactly he's going to do. Is he in charge of message? Is he in charge of building some future network? Is he managing the campaign as a business guy? I got no idea. But I can tell you the press, right now the filter they're putting on Bannon is the one a lot of the press wants to put on Trump, which is, he’s given up, he’s just going to go dark and negative and populist and nativist. I don’t think that’s what they’re doing from talking to people in the campaign, but that’s the impression. 


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