​Alex Jones: “I personally pushed [Roger] Stone” to bring up a pardon for Dinesh D'Souza to President Trump​

​From the June 1 edition of Genesis Communication Network's The Alex Jones Show:​

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​ALEX JONES (HOST): ​You know, we really pushed it to Trump. He didn't even know that [former sheriff Joe] Arpaio had been “convicted” by a judge of contempt and was facing a year in prison. And I know a lot of folks pushed [Dinesh] D'Souza. In fact, I personally pushed [Roger] Stone -- I'm just bragging, this is true, I know other people did it, other people did as well -- D'Souza, D'Souza, D'Souza, D'Souza, D'Souza. Because that will bring all that up and show the hypocrisy. I know for a fact Stone brought that up to Trump because he told me he did.


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