Donald Trump Jr.: “Deep state retribution” for DOJ to indict FBI informant for making false claims about the Bidens

Trump Jr. also dismissed special counsel David Weiss as a Biden appointee; Weiss was originally appointed as US attorney by Donald Trump

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Citation From the February 15, 2024, edition of Rumble's Triggered

DONALD TRUMP JR (HOST): David Weiss, the special counsel appointed by Joe Biden, just indicted the informant who claimed that Burisma bribed the Bidens. What do you make of this indictment, and what can you tell us in the context of all of your other reporting? Because, I mean, this just seems like literally, you know, deep state retribution at this point. I, you know, I remember a time where all, informants, all people, all people who are willing to, come out there and say something about the president, especially as it related to potential corruption, were treated as heroes, and this seems very different.

JOHN SOLOMON (GUEST): Yeah. Listen. This is a long line of informants who have blown up on the FBI. Now whether or not people will believe what David Weiss charges depends on the evidence. Right?

We know that Mr. Smirnov is assumed innocent, and he's going to get his chance in court. And the government's got to prove why they think he lied. And here's another thing, why it took 4 years for the FBI to suddenly come to this conclusion when not that long ago, the FBI was telling the Congress that this guy was one of the more credible and well paid informants, somebody who had been useful before. So, there are people tonight already out there, Marjorie Taylor Greene and others, wondering whether this is political. I think we gotta let the facts bear out.

There's not enough information in this indictment yet to make a really informed decision about what went on here. But let's suppose the worst-case scenario for Mr. Smirnov, that there's really strong evidence against this. What we now know is the very FBI that went after you because of the Trump Tower allegations that turned out to be a big nothingburger; went after your dad and created the illusion of collusion when it was not a iota of it there. We now know that from John Durham. The FBI is in a really terrible state, and three of the most famous informants in its history, Christopher Steele, Igor Danchenko, and now this man, Mr. Smirnov, if the final narrative of the Justice Department turns out to be true, all 3 of them bamboozled our premier law enforcement agency.

And I've been raising a red flag about the FBI for a long time. The people in the FBI, many of them are so good. They're good agents. But this agency is really in distress. It can't tell a good from a bad informant, apparently, according to its own Justice Department. It wasted 3 years of your father's presidency, going after something that never ever existed. It took Hillary Clinton dirt and tried to pretend it was –

TRUMP JR: But, John, but that was a win for them because, I mean, they did that on purpose. I mean, we know that now. That was a win. Like, I mean, it should be if you're the American public looking objectively at the FBI, yes, you say that, but that was that was a win. They got what they wanted.

Now that they got caught, it's, you know, oh, yeah. My bad. You know, there's no accountability. There's nothing. So there is a difference between when they get it wrong, and maybe they were trying.