Dennis Prager: “They're impeaching a non-president over an event that did not occur”

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Citation From the February 11, 2021, edition of the Salem Radio Network's The Dennis Prager Show

DENNIS PRAGER (HOST): The farce upon farce is continuing. There was no insurrection and there is no president. They're impeaching a non-president over an event that did not occur. Of course the riot occurred, but it wasn't an insurrection. And if it wasn't an insurrection, why is there a trial? So it's based on a great lie. I played for you the first hour Tucker Carlson on Fox News did research into the five killed or dead -- that's what they always say - five dead. None of them were killed, except one by a police officer whom they will not name. And we don't know why she was killed. She was unarmed and entering the building through a window, which was wrong. But that's not a capital offense to an enter a window unarmed. So it's interesting, to say the least. We're living in a make believe world. A make believe world that the left creates of hysteria after hysteria.