David Gregory, why all the drama?

This is quite amusing.

Word leaked this week that NBC was going to tap David Gregory for the coveted moderator position at Meet the Press. But now we learn that “the network has not finalized the deal,” that “negotiations” are still on-going, and that the leak may be “potential impediment to concluding the deal.” Gregory might even have a offer from GMA!

Is any of this unusual? Not really. The media elite sometimes negotiation their seven-figure deals through the press. But it sure is funny to watch a journalist at the center of this type of story considering that when word recently leaked a certain junior senator from New York was up for the SoS job, that negotiations were ongoing and that the leak may have been premature, the press howled about how difficult Hillary Clinton was being and how she always brought so much “drama” with her.

So what's Gregory's excuse?

For us, we hope Gregory just takes the job so we don't have to listen/hear/watch any more deeply serious Beltway reports about who's going to moderate the show. To us, based on the CW roster of reported finalists, it's just not that important.