Mika Brzezinski calls out the sexist double standard in the Senate: It's “pathetic” Sen. Kamala Harris was shut down by “a lot of rude, white, older men”  

Morning Shows on CNN and MSNBC call out the sexism Sen. Harris faced “on the national stage” during Russia hearings

From the June 14 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

JOE SCARBOROUGH (CO-HOST): Mika, another interesting thing that happened, and I have a feeling that you may want to talk about this because you talked about it before, but the junior senator from California, Senator [Kamala] Harris (D-CA), once again called out by men on the committee because they thought that she was too assertive. Last night on a network she was called hysterical when, of course, [Sen.] Ron Wyden (D-OR) was very aggressive. Nobody called him hysterical or condemned him.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI (CO-HOST): Jeff Sessions was quite colorful.

SCARBOROUGH: Yeah. Jeff Sessions was colorful and indignant. And, “How dare you, sir? Beauregard does not answer questions like that.” And nobody called him hysterical? But they called Kamala Harris hysterical for the second week in a row. 

BRZEZINSKI: This is a secondary story given the seriousness of the nature of the questions being asked, but it's an important story. The differences between what is expected and what is allowed between men and women, even on the national stage when the cameras are on them and there should be at least an attempt at equality, is pathetic. And Kamala Harris will be our guest this morning, and I can't wait to talk to her about that, and also about the questions that she's trying to ask in the middle of being told that she's rude by a lot of rude, white older men.

From the June 14 edition of CNN's New Day:

ALISYN CAMEROTA (CO-HOST): All right. Jeffrey, let's talk about Kamala Harris since her name has come up -- and this was one of the feistier

JEFFREY TOOBIN: Should I interrupt you the same way all the men interrupted her?

CAMEROTA: No. I appreciate you saying that because there is --

CHRIS CILLIZZA: Hey, Cuomo interrupted me.

CAMEROTA: That's true. He's an equal opportunity interrupter. But there is now this overlay of sexism at work, some saw. So let's listen to this and see what everybody thinks.


CAMEROTA: OK. So they were arguing that he should be able to answer the question. Fair. But she should be able to ask the question.

TOOBIN: Well, and also, remember, they are dealing with very tight time deadlines. They only had five minutes to ask questions. The witnesses, especially an experienced congressional veteran like Sessions knows you can run out the clock if you give long answers and pause, and he's kind of a slow-talking guy. So, Kamala Harris, former prosecutor, district attorney in San Francisco, attorney general of California, she was pressing him. But John McCain, you noticed he wasn't even the chairman there, but he jumped in to come to Sessions' aid. And it was the second time. It also happened during the Comey testimony when Kamala Harris was told, “Be a good girl. Don't ask such hard questions.”

CAMEROTA: So what is that?

TOOBIN: I think it's sexism. I think it's like they're uncomfortable with women asking hard questions.

DAVID GREGORY: Can I just say I know a little something about this from my wife who is a, as you all know, a top trial lawyer and who faces this in court all the time. When a woman is asking strong questions and wants an answer, there is a different treatment on the part of witnesses. It can be the judge. It's sexism. This old-fashioned sexist thinking and action when nobody interrupts [Sen.] Ron Wyden (D-OR) to say, “Hey take it easy there, Senator, and just let him answer.” 

CAMEROTA: Right. They had an equally feisty exchange.

GREGORY: Right. And on the same day that we learn that Uber with all of its sexual harassment and misconduct detailed by the former attorney general, by their own board of directors, and some board member, some old white guy on the board cracks a joke about, “Oh. Well we know it would be better to add more women to the board, but the problem with that is there would be more talking as a result.” So it's a lot of women who have these moments, and they say this is not a revelation. You guys think we make this crap up, and it just happens all the time. 


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