David Gregory plays dumb with Condoleezza Rice

Somebody should write a book about the press coverage Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has been able to manufacture for herself over the last eight years. It's really quite amazing how she managed to sail through the demolition derby that was the Bush administration--and have her fingerprints all over some of its biggest failings--and come out smelling like a rose inside press rooms.

Not only has she managed to escape unscathed from the press, the Beltway press actually adores her and has remained absolutely committed (especially the TV talking heads) to never asking her an uncomfortable question and never, ever asking a pointed follow-up. As we mentioned recently, it's literally become media game: The TV hosts ask innocuous questions to Rice about Iraq. She responds with misleading information knowing full well that her host is never going to call her on it. And then the two dance onto another topic.

So it makes perfect sense that MTP's new hosts David Gregory broke in his chair over the weekend with a “pillow soft” interview with Rice, as Crooks and Liars put it. The display (see it here) really had nothing to do with journalism and everything to do with Gregory subscribing to Beltway social customs.