Fox News host Dan Bongino is scheduled to keynote GOP fundraiser despite purported network policy against it

Dan Bongino on Fox News

Fox News host Dan Bongino is scheduled to keynote a Republican fundraiser next month in Florida even though Fox News previously claimed that it has a policy against its employees doing campaign events. 

Fox News said in 2018 that it “does not condone any talent participating in campaign events.” Since then, the self-described “news” network has inconsistently enforced that supposed policy with its personnel, often ignoring violations and sometimes enforcing the rule only after Media Matters has spotlighted infractions.

The Washington Post reported in December 2019 that “a spokeswoman said the network has addressed the issue with its contributors and hosts, as well as third-party agents who book events.” 

If that message was sent, it certainly wasn’t received: The Martin County Republican Executive Committee in Florida states that Bongino will keynote a fundraiser for the GOP organization on September 10. Tickets cost $225 for general admission and $275 for VIPs. According to an event description posted by the group, “local elected officials are expected to participate, including a welcome and tribute to 1st Responders by U.S. Congressman Brian Mast [R-FL].” 

Media Matters reported in 2019 that Bongino has done other GOP fundraisers and been paid to appear at those events. 

The purported Fox News policy against campaign events has been ignored by other Fox hosts this year as well. This past weekend, Fox Business host Larry Kudlow appeared at a “sold out” fundraiser for the Bridgeport Republican Town Committee in Connecticut with former Trump Small Business Administration Administrator Linda McMahon. And Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren appeared at a fundraiser with former Sheriff David Clarke for the Sumter County Republican Party in Florida.