UPDATE: Daily Caller finally admits its “contributor” is really a GOP flack

More than two days after the Daily Caller posted a column by Caller contributor Jerry Maldonado criticizing Democratic Rep. Joe Courtney, the Caller has finally admitted what we pointed out on Monday: That Maldonado is, in fact, the communications director for one of Courtney's Republican opponents:

UPDATE from TheDC: Mr. Maldonado serves as the campaign communications director for congressional candidate Janet Peckinpaugh, an opponent of Joe Courtney.

The Daily Caller did not explain why it passed off a column by a GOP staffer actively working against Joe Courtney as the work of a disinterested columnist, or what, if any, measures it has put in place to ensure that nothing like this happens again. Nor did the Caller apologize for passing off political propaganda as journalism. I can only assume they were too busy writing up their next lecture about ethical journalism, which should be good for a chuckle or two.


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