The Daily Caller double-standard

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Two days ago, Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller published a column by contributor Jerry Maldonado that was devoted entirely to criticizing Connecticut congressman Joe Courtney. The Daily Caller identified Maldonado only as an author and columnist.

Almost immediately, Connecticut reporter Ted Mann pointed out that Maldonado is, in fact, the communications director for Janet Peckinpaugh, a Republican running against Courtney. I then highlighted Mann's report here.

Given all the hyperventilating the Daily Caller has been doing about purported -- but unsubstantiated -- "coordination" between liberal journalists and the Obama campaign, passing off a GOP campaign staffer's attacks on a Democratic opponent as the work of a disinterested columnist is not only deeply unethical, it is jaw-droppingly hypocritical as well.

And yet, two days later, The Daily Caller still has not disclosed Maldonado's work for the Peckinpaugh campaign. And while the Daily Caller's misleading attacks on Journolist have drawn heavy media coverage, its own grossly and undeniably inappropriate publication of Maldonado's column has been completely ignored.

UPDATE: The Daily Caller has finally admitted Maldonado works for Peckinpaugh.

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