Fox host says it's “pretty clear” that Bernie Sanders supports “firing squads, dungeons, torture, and exile”

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Citation From the February 25, 2020, edition of Fox News' Outnumbered

DAGEN MCDOWELL (CO-HOST): [Bernie] actually has backed and supported those very tyrants, those very dictators who rose to power because of these corrupt, destructive socialist regimes. As recently as January of 2003, Bernie Sanders wrote a letter, signed a letter of support for Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. And this was when basically people were being killed in the streets of the country. Back in '85, he visited Nicaragua. The Soviet-backed leader Daniel Ortega was called by Bernie Sanders "impressive." And he said it made sense for that regime to suppress newspapers. And just a little correction, from The Wall Street Journal editorial page on Castro, that before the Cuban revolution in 1959, 80% of Cuba could read. They were much further ahead than other countries in Latin America and their neighbors there. And they wrote this. "The difference is that countries like Ecuador and Colombia, both of which came from much further behind, they improved literacy without having to totally transform society with firing squads, dungeons, torture, and exile." So he's been pretty clear that's what he supports, Bernie Sanders does.