Tucker Carlson criticizes government officials for listening to an “elderly power-drunk epidemiologist”

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Citation From the May 1, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Last month, Christians across the country were legally prohibited from celebrating Easter in their own churches. The national media barely noted it. How exactly is this happening? Well, it turns out, that's not clear. Strangely, not very many people have asked. Politicians have no right to do any of this. They cannot make it illegal for people to go to religious services. The Constitution of the United States expressly prohibits that. The words could not be clearer. The First Amendment explicitly prevents government from making any law that inhibits the exercise of religious faith. That's not a detail or footnote, it is a cornerstone of our history and of our legal system.

Millions of people, probably your ancestors, fled to this country from around the world precisely because our Bill of Rights gave them this guarantee. It's why this country was founded, and in a moment, it's gone. How?

Where did politicians get the authority to do this? Because some elderly power-drunk epidemiologist told them to do it? That's not how our system works. It can't work that way.