In radio appearance, Trump-promoted doctor said some opponents of hydroxychloroquine want “population control” through vaccines

Conspiracy theorist Dr. Stella Immanuel appeared on right-wing wing radio host Michael Berry's show which reaches 3.5 million listeners

Dr. Stella Immanuel on The Michael Berry Show

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Citation From the August 5, 2020, edition of iHeartRadio's The Michael Berry Show

MICHAEL BERRY (HOST): You have said that the opposition to hydroxychloroquine is from Big Pharma. They want their own solution. Is that why more people aren't -- is that why this -- more doctors aren't prescribing this?

DR. STELLA IMMANUEL: I think the opposition is several layers. The -- I think the main opposition is our colleagues' [UNINTELLIGIBLE] diabolic orchestration to alter the course of humanity. People that want to give vaccines, want to [UNINTELLIGIBLE] the [UNINTELLIGIBLE] people. That is actually the ultimate goal here to get everybody vaccinated on the planet [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. And then have vaccine registries and have tracing -- contact tracing. In fact, they are saying it that is the ultimate goal: population control -- population. We have to control everybody and what we do. That is the ultimate plan.

But there are of course a lot of people that stand to make a lot of money from Big Pharma, that stand to make a lot of money from expensive medications, that stand to make a lot of money from vaccines, that stand to make like a whole lot of money. They are getting grants, getting billions of dollars being pumped into this effort. And then, of course, the next group is just people that are political, and they figure if they continue this, one person loses this election or somebody wins an election. And those, I call them opportunistic -- they are like -- in fact, the reason why Big Pharma and this ultimate vaccines over control people are winning is because our nation is so divided and a nation divided cannot stand.