Rush Limbaugh defends COVID-19 conspiracy theorist doctor who believes in alien DNA

Limbaugh: “Everybody is trying to destroy this woman”

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Citation From the July 28, 2020, edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): What this is, Dr. Stella Immanuel, is a doctor from Nigeria, she's an M.D., and she's currently working in a Texas emergency room. And she is a 1,000 percent believer in hydroxychloroquine. And she has more experience prescribing it than American doctors, because she'd been treating malaria patients for years with it. It's primarily a malaria drug.

And so she and some other doctors gathered on the steps of something — look, the U.S. Capitol — to promote hydroxychloroquine, and to talk about how great it is, and how there's no need for masks. if we would just give everybody this drug, that we would end the emergency. She's a firm believer that hydroxychloroquine is the magic bullet. We're just — if we just give it to patients, both as a preventative and as a curative, that we would -- we would be able to open the schools, we'd be able to open the country, open the economy.

And there've been -- a bunch of people have retweeted her remarks. And every one of those people had been taken down from Twitter. Donald Trump Jr. has been taken down from Twitter. Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn's lawyer, retweeted what Dr. Stella Immanuel said, and they have been taken — they've been accused of violating Twitter's standards. So anybody who retweets Dr. Stella Immanuel's words gets killed on Twitter. Facebook has wiped all of them out, too. They do not want this out.

And The Daily Beast — The Daily Beast, have you seen this story? The Daily Beast has a story — oh, they've — everybody is trying to destroy this woman. Do you know that she believes that alien DNA was implanted in the human race thousands of years ago, and there's a secret in that DNA can unlock, and we can cure many diseases?

They're trying to portray her as some wacko, unbelievable kook out there. But they're -- they're -- want to make sure nobody sees what she said yesterday.