Fox host complains that NYPD “aren't being told to go after the homeless”

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Citation From the May 5, 2020, edition of Fox News' Outnumbered

HARRIS FAULKNER (HOST): New York City's largest police union is going after city leaders over officers having to enforce social distancing. This comes amid backlash over a violent confrontation this past weekend. It involves officers reportedly trying to disperse a group of people on the street corner.

Police Benevolent Association President, Patrick Lynch, said, "The cowards who run this city have given us nothing but vague guidelines and mixed messages, leaving the cops on the street corners to fend for ourselves. ... As the weather heats up in the pandemic continues to unravel our social fabric, police officers should be allowed to focus on our core public safety mission. If we don't, the city will fall apart before our eyes."

Melissa, you live in New York City. Your thoughts? 

MELISSA FRANCIS (HOST): Well, I think the thing that has been frustrating to me from the beginning was that our brave men and women in uniform are sent out to. I guess you know, break up people that are standing too close together, and only recently were they allowed to go onto the subway and try and make things safer there.I know that they are very frustrated by having their hands tied in situations where criminals are released quickly back out into the population, that it has been a real struggle.

And, my concern has been it appears they are being sent after people who, when given a ticket, can pay the city a thousand dollars for standing too close to someone else. But they aren't being told to go after the homeless population who has endangered themselves and is a danger to the community from a public health perspective, but doesn't have the means to pay a ticket.

So I hate it when it at least looks like money into Mayor De Blasio's coffers is the motivating force.