Trump's Ghostwriter Calls Out Media's “False Equivalency” In Trump Coverage

Tony Schwartz: “The Problem ... In The Media” Is “Treating Trump As If He Is A Legitimate Candidate For President” 

From the July 28 edition of CNN's New Day:

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TONY SCHWARTZ: Chris, you're setting up, as I've heard you in the last ten minutes, a false equivalency. This is the problem I think in the media, is that they're treating Trump as if he is a legitimate candidate for president of the United States. There is no way he is. No more than my two-year-old grandson would be a legitimate candidate for president. And if the media treated my two-year-old grandson as someone who could be president, that would be scary. But when they treat Trump, who has no attention span, who has only a profound self-interest, who has no experience, and only has his inflated confidence as a qualification, it's terrifying. It's terrifying. 


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