Syrian-American Survivor Of Paris Attacks: Telling Syrian Refugees “That They Are The Problem ... Is Very Upsetting”

Dina Jaber: “I'm Sure If You Were To Hear What They Have Been Through, You Wouldn't Think That They Were A Threat To You”

From the November 19 edition of CNN's CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin:

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JAKE TAPPER (HOST): I have to ask you before you go, Dina, you're a Muslim American, you're the daughter of Syrian immigrants to the United States. What's your view, what's your response to what you're hearing about refugees and states saying they don't want Syrian refugees to come into their states, to come into the United States?

DINA JABER: I'm extremely disappointed. I wouldn't expect the governors to take such a hasty decision and quickly decide to label everyone that is Syrian, that is Muslim, as terrorists, as linked to these incidents, considering the fact that many of the people involved in what happened Friday evening in Paris were actually European born and raised. So it wasn't that they had all come across as refugees. And there are so many people that are already coming to the United States who are fleeing those terrorists in Syria, in the Middle East. And they are coming here to start a new life and be safe, and to be pointed at and told that they are the problem, that it's their fault, is very upsetting. And I really urge anyone who has doubts about these Syrian refugees to just take a moment, meet with one of those families, sit down and talk to them, and ask them their story. Because I'm sure if you were to hear what they have been through, you wouldn't think that they were a threat to you.


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