Disgraced Tea Partier Mark Williams a frequent CNN guest: 10 appearances since August

CNN has frequently hosted Tea Party Express spokesman Mark Williams despite his history of incendiary and racially charged rhetoric, which most recently resulted in his expulsion from the National Tea Party Federation. CNN has hosted Williams as a guest 10 times since August 2009.

CNN hosted Williams 10 times since August 2009

CNN frequently hosts Williams. According to a search of the Nexis database, Mark Williams has appeared as a guest on CNN 10 times since August 2009. Williams has appeared as a guest on the following programs:

Williams was booked as a guest on the July 18 edition of CNN Newsroom, but reportedly said he canceled because of “travel plans.” CNN reporter Jim Acosta said on the July 19 edition of American Morning that Williams “said he was finished giving interviews on this controversy.”

Tea Party Express: We get “great television news coverage.” Last November, the Tea Party Express bragged to supporters that it's received “great television news coverage” from CNN and Fox News.

CNN hosted Williams despite his long history of race-baiting and incendiary rhetoric

Williams post: “Colored People change minds about emancipation.” Williams wrote a July 15 blog post attacking the NAACP as racist for using “colored people” in its name. Williams' post portrayed blacks as lazy and NAACP leader Ben Jealous as supporting the repeal of civil-rights laws so that “massa” would again take care of blacks. Williams wrote, in the purported voice of Jealous: “As Coloreds we must have somebody care for us otherwise we would be on our own, have to think for ourselves and make decisions!” Williams similarly promoted the idea in an appearance on the July 14 edition of CNN's The Situation Room. Williams' post was so incendiary that he was forced to remove it, and the National Tea Party Federation has since announced that Williams and the Tea Party Express have been expelled from the federation.

Williams: NAACP makes “more money off of race than any slave trader ever.” The July 14 edition of NPR's Morning Edition ran audio of Williams claiming that the NAACP is a “vile racist group” that makes “more money off of race than any slave trader ever.” Williams added that the NAACP are “professional race-baiters.”

Williams: Allah is a “monkey god.” In a May post on his blog, Williams said that the mosque at New York's ground zero would be “for the worship of the terrorists' monkey-god and a 'cultural center' to propagandize for the extermination of all things not approved by their cult.”

Williams: Obama is “Our Half White, Racist President.” As TPMMuckraker's Zachary Roth reported, Williams “derided Barack Obama as 'our half white, racist president' in an email to colleagues.”

Williams on Obama: “Racist in Chief.” On his blog, Williams called Obama the "Racist in Chief" and accused Obama of diverting “public attention from the Obamacare scam with just a hint of 'quit-pickin-on-the-brothahs' ” by discussing Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr.'s controversial arrest.

Birther Williams: “Indonesian Muslim turned welfare thug turned anointed” Obama's “birth certificate has never been produced.” Williams has repeatedly raised doubts about Obama's citizenship. Williams wrote in a blog post -- since removed -- that Obama's “actual birth certificate has never been produced however and is now the subject of a lawsuit to demand that it be produced” and that “our choice this November” is between Sen. John McCain and “the former Barry Soetoro, Indonesian Muslim turned welfare thug turned anointed.”

Williams images Obama being “used by his entire village population of girls as a dress up doll for playing mud hut madrassa house.” Williams wrote in a June 25 post: “Just look at poor Barry Boy try to throw a baseball for chrissake. He must have been used by his entire village population of girls as a dress up doll for playing mud hut madrassa house.”

Williams: “21st Century Nazis”: “President-elect Hussein Soetoro” and Jimmy Carter. Williams' website previously listed “President-elect Hussein Soetoro” and Jimmy Carter, among others, under “21st Century Nazis.”

Williams: Obama “engaging in nothing different than did mass murders like Stalin and Pol Pot.” In an April 11 post on his blog, Williams writes that “B. Hussein Obama took power on the same kinds of hateful ideology and is engaging in nothing different than did mass murders like Stalin and Pol Pot. The only thing missing is the forced death marches and gulags... oh, but wait, Obama's death panels and union provided goon squads will take care of that. His goal is to feed the tapeworm until it overwhelms the host (you and me) and becomes powerful enough to keep him and his flying monkeys in power.”

Williams posts pictures of Obama and Pelosi as terrorists. In March, Williams posted pictures of President Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as terrorists.

Williams: President Carter is a “creepy little faggot.” In a December 26, 2007, post, Williams referred to former President Jimmy Carter as a “creepy little faggot.” On January 27, 2008, Williams wrote that members of a Vermont town shouldn't be called “retard CHUDs" but “genetically defective, circus freak, tiny cranium, hairy-arm-pitted female & faggot alleged male biological train wrecks who totally make the argument for forced Eugenics.”

Williams: Obama “Tiger Woodsing” a “mistress” while raping the country. Williams rehashed an old, evidence-free rumor about President Obama in a May 1 blog post headlined, “Meet Vera Baker, President Obama's Mistress.” Williams wrote as a photo caption: “Vera Barker, Tiger Woodsing Barack Obama, possible expert on Lincoln Bedroom ceiling.” Williams added that the rumors that the two were “banging” “go back a way” but the country “was slipped a roofie when Obama was sliding into its pants so if your memory is groggy its okay.”

Williams: Some members of Congress are “apparently brushing up” on Mein Kampf to try to criminalize dissent. During the March 25 edition of Fox Business' Happy Hour, Williams compared some members of Congress to Nazis while discussing a Tea Party rally on Capitol Hill.

Williams repeatedly claims Obama wants “death panels,” links to Nazi experiments. On his blog, Williams has falsely asserted that health care legislation would have a “death panel.” Williams also linked “Obama's death panels” to Nazis in an August 15, 2009, post (since removed).

Williams: "[I]f we vote Democrat, that just hastens the day we disappear in a nuclear holocaust." In 2006, Williams said that “people have made up their minds ... that if we vote Democrat, that just hastens the day we disappear in a nuclear holocaust.” [MSNBC's Tucker, 9/26/06]

Williams blamed Democrats for ruining “every military advance we have made” in Iraq. Williams asserted that “every military advance we have made” in Iraq “has been ruined, one way or another, by some fat-mouthed congressman, usually a Democrat, opening his mouth on Capitol Hill.”

Williams called Nancy Pelosi, “Nancy Botox.” During an appearance on MSNBC's Hardball in August 2007, Williams said, presumably referring to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Iraq: " 'Nancy Botox' is out there saying, you know, 'We're leaving! We're running! We're gonna go away!' "

Williams calls female CNN reporter, “CNN Barbie Doll.” In an April 15, 2009, post on his blog, Williams wrote of former CNN reporter Susan Roesgen: “CNN Barbie Doll Attacks Tea Parties, gets an education, doesn't like what she learns so story makes the Tea Baggers into thugs. It's not News, it's CNN.”