Tea Party Express spokesman: NAACP makes "more money off of race than any slave trader ever"

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In response to an NAACP resolution condemning "racist elements" within the Tea Party, Tea Party Express spokesperson and frequent media guest Mark Williams told NPR that the historic civil rights organization is a "vile racist group" that makes "more money off of race than any slave trader ever." Williams added that the NAACP are "professional race-baiters."

Williams, who has pushed claims that President Obama lacks a valid birth certificate, has made a career lobbing incendiary and racially-tinged remarks. For instance, Williams has:

  • called Allah a "monkey god." Williams wrote a July 10 post "[o]ffering the question," "At what point will internment of Muslims become (or became) necessary?"
  • called Obama, "Our Half White, Racist President"
  • called Obama "the former Barry Soetoro, Indonesian Muslim turned welfare thug turned anointed."
  • listed former President Jimmy Carter and Obama as "21st century Nazis"

Williams also has a tendency to call political opponents "faggot," such as when he said former President Carter is a "creepy little faggot."

Mark Williams
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