David Brock Calls Out The “Discredited And Illegitimate” Benghazi Committee For Their “Abuse Of Power”

Brock: “Republicans In Their Own Words Have Said This Is A Partisan Exercise Just Trying To Drive Down Hillary Clinton's Poll Numbers”

From the October 22 edition of CNN's New Day:

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DAVID BROCK: This is a discredited and illegitimate investigation. We know that seven congressional committees and an independent review by the State Department all concluded -- all answered those questions. They answered many more. And they all concluded that Secretary Clinton had no wrongdoing in this matter. So she's being brought up here, and the questions that are going to be asked have asked have already been answered except for the ones that are political cheap shots, and that's what we're probably going to see, unfortunately. 

ALISYN CAMEROTA: But David, hold on, just, in a sentence, what is the answer? Why wasn't there better security? 

BROCK: Well, look, the security arrangement is ultimately responsibility of the ambassador on the ground, as all these inquiries have found. And so there was a security lapse here.

CAMEROTA: But Ambassador Stevens was asking for more security. 

BEN FERGUSON: He requested more security. 

BROCK: There was a security lapse here, and that's what the prior investigations have found. But that has nothing to do with hauling Hillary Clinton back into -- 

FERGUSON: David, hold on, are you blaming --

BROCK: No, no. 

FERGUSON: Are y ou blaming a dead ambassador for his own death? 

BROCK: No. I am saying the Republicans in their own words have said this is a partisan exercise just trying to drive down Hillary Clinton's poll numbers and to show her to be, quote, Kevin McCarthy made up a name, 'untrustable.' And that's what's going on here. And it's an outrage. And it's an abuse of power. 


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