CNN's Sally Kohn: The “Narrative” That Hillary Clinton Is Not Trustworthy Is A “Reality TV” Issue Fed By The Right

Kohn: “This Is A Narrative That Has Been Built Up About Hillary Clinton, Largely By The Right ... We Have To Be Careful In Not Repeating These Smears”

From the February 22 edition of CNN's CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello:

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SALLY KOHN: There's no question that Hillary starts off with a sort of deficit in this area, and if it's because she's a well-known politician, if it's because of the different standards that women are judged against men -- you know, we can sort of speculate as to why that is. But Trump's a really interesting example. Because apparently people think he's -- they trust him a lot because he just says whatever he thinks, even though most of the things he says are pretty outrageous and ridiculous, and it makes you think there's a sort of inverse relationship between trust and credentials to actually be a thoughtful, leaderful president of the United States. You know, people should know that apparently according to surveys, the most trustworthy person in America is Tom Hanks. And the president or past president who we trust the most is Jimmy Carter. And I don't really see Democrats or Republicans clamoring for him to be president. I think --

CAROL COSTELLO (HOST): But still, still -

KOHN: This is a really - no, but I mean, this is sort of a reality TV show kind of issue to be bringing up as opposed to actual credentials for leadership.


KOHN: I wasn't, sort of, being too glib when I said there's a reality TV sort of dimension that's entering American politics, which is that we seem to increasingly like our politicians to be less politiciany, right? And to speak off the cuff, and seem more real and authentic. And again, whether that's what you actually want in the White House and in positions of leadership is an interesting question. The other thing is, let's be clear, we're doing it right now. This is a story, this is a narrative that has been built up about Hillary Clinton, largely by the right, absorbed by Democrats and the mainstream -- including her critics -- and repeated by the media. And listen, people believe Trump tells it like it is because they keep hearing from people like us that Trump tells it like it is, right? We have to be careful in not repeating these smears. And again, let's focus on the issues and what's really at stake.


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