CNN's Jake Tapper Debunks Trump Lie That Obama's Executive Actions Mean “You Won't Be Able To Get Guns”

From the January 5 edition of CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper:

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JAKE TAPPER (HOST): So Mr. Trump said yesterday on CNN that President Obama's executive actions on firearms will mean eventually, quote, “you won't be able to get guns.” Now the president unveiled ten separate provisions that the White House says will hope to curb gun violence. How will any of them lead to gun confiscation or the wholesale shutting down of gun sales?

COREY LEWANDONSKI: Here's what he's doing, right? This is typical of an administration that refuses to work with Congress to get bills passed. He's making an end run around the Constitution, trying to go directly through executive order and restrict one of the basic fundamental principles of our country, which is the right to keep and bear arms. And while everyone wants responsible gun ownership, what the president refuses to do is to work in a bipartisan fashion to get a piece of legislation done. He's basically a lame duck administration at this point. He's using the power of the executive branch to go around the will of the people and the will of congress to try and do something that is probably borderline illegal.

TAPPER: But you'll concede the point that what the president has proposed does not mean, quote, “you won't be able to get guns.”

LEWANDONSKI: No, I don't concede that. Because what the president is proposing is -- if a father wants to give a gun to his son or another family member, they're going to have to go through a background check all of a sudden?  This is insanity. Right? This is a time honored tradition since the founding of our Constitution, the right to keep and bear arms and that should not be infringed any more so than any other provision of the Constitution. And the president, if he wants to do this, he should do so in a way which allows public input and allow the members of Congress to weigh in on this and then have the courts decide if it's actually constitutional. I don't think it is. 

TAPPER: But that's not -- the father-son thing you said, that's not what the president is specifically proposing. Just to get into the weeds a little bit. What he said is he would require those individuals who make a living selling guns to register and get licenses and do background checks, whether they sell them at gun shows or on the internet or wherever. That wouldn't affect a father-son scenario you just described. (emphasis added)


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