Conservatives Mock Obama For Crying About Child Victims Of Gun Violence During Speech

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Several conservative media figures attacked President Obama for crying as he spoke about child victims during a speech detailing executive actions designed to reduce gun violence.

Conservatives Mock Obama For Displaying Emotion

Fox News' Todd Starnes: "President Boehner."

[Twitter, 1/5/16] 

Fox News' Andrea Tantaros: "Check That Podium For Like A Raw Onion ... It's Not Really Believable"

[Fox News, Outnumbered, 1/5/16]

Breitbart's John Nolte: "He's Putting Something In His Eyes To Create The Fascist Tears"

[Twitter, 1/5/16, 1/5/16]

National Review's Charles C.W. Cooke: "All The Best Laws Are Made By People Who Can't Control Their Emotions."

[Twitter, 1/5/161/5/16]

Breitbart's Ben Shapiro: "HEADLINE: Obama Cries!!!!!!!1!!!! Give Him What He Wants!!!!!1!!!!"

[Twitter, 1/5/16, 1/5/16, 1/5/16]

Free Beacon's Adam Kredo: "Gotta Change Those Wet Pants."

[Twitter, 1/5/16]

Fox's Eric Bolling Asks If The President Thinks "ISIS Sees [His Tears] As Emotional Strength Or Weakness?"

[Fox News, The Five1/5/16]

The Drudge Report Mocks Obama: "Tears For Fears"

[The Drudge Report, 1/5/16]

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