CNN's Jack Kingston doubles down, says anti-gun groups are using Florida school shooting victims for politics

Kingston: “As Rahm Emanuel famously said, 'Never waste a good crisis'”

From the February 20 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360:

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ANDERSON COOPER (HOST): Jack, I do want you to address something. On New Day, you said -- you suggested that the students who are advocating for gun control have somehow been hijacked by left-wing groups, and that there is no way for them to rally nationwide without left-wing help.

JACK KINGSTON: Well, I have a lot of concern of these kids, I'm a father of four, and I've been to many, many high schools all over Georgia talking to children, and I think when they're in an emotional state, they deserve to be heard, they deserve to be listened to, and I expressed that on the show also that I believe they're sincere. This is a horrible tragedy. Their hearts are broken.

But also know that the state senator from there is facilitating their bus trip up to Tallahassee, which, when I was in the general assembly, by the way, was illegal to do something like that, to pay for somebody to lobby. The Democrat Party there is doing it, but what the big --

COOPER: So, you think they are - you think they are being hijacked by left-wing groups?

KINGSTON: I think -- and I was referring to the national rally. It would shock me -- and I hope I'm wrong, I really do hope I'm wrong. But it would shock me if 17-year-olds around the country -- and lord, I agree with you, Van, very articulate, very sincere -- but it would shock me if they did a nationwide rally and the pro-gun control left took their hands off.


KINGSTON: I can say this, that as Rahm Emanuel famously said, “Never waste a good crisis.”

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