​CNN's Dana Bash: Redacted Mueller report proves “there was collusion” between Trump campaign and Russia​

​Bash: ​"​P​​age​,​ after page​,​ after page​,​ instance​,​ after instance​,​ you see people within the ​Trump campaign and the Russians talking to, coordinating with one another​"

​From the April 18 edition of CNN's ​The Mueller Report: Special Edition:

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DANA BASH (CNN POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT): If [President Donald Trump] wasn't worried about collusion if he really meant it when he said for the past two years that there was no collusion, why was he doing all of this? Why was --

JAKE TAPPER (CNN ANCHOR): Well, to play devil's advocate as Attorney General Barr did earlier today, in the president's view there was no conspiracy.

BASH: Right.

TAPPER: This was concocted by Democrats and the media and the deep state. And it was undermining his presidency, and he wanted it to end, and there was no conspiracy.

BASH: There was no conspiracy, but it turns out, maybe I'm answering my own question, that -- I'm sorry, but there was collusion when you look at the actual definition of that term. There wasn't conspiracy --

TAPPER: Not a legal term, however.

BASH: It's not a legal term. That's exactly right. There wasn't conspiracy, there was no crime committed, according to the special counsel, but on page, after page, after page, instance, after instance, you see people within the Trump campaign and the Russians talking to, coordinating with one another. Starting with what you said at the beginning when we first got this, Don Jr., to other instances, the Trump Tower meeting, with WikiLeaks. It goes on and on and on. Not criminal, but collusion in the truest definition of the word.


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