On CNN, former Nixon White House counsel John Dean calls Supreme Court's decision on immunity a “radical ruling”

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Citation From the July 1, 2024, edition of CNN's CNN News Central

BRIANNA KEILAR (HOST): John, did this ruling by the Supreme Court surprise you at all? 

JOHN DEAN (GUEST): It didn't surprise me because we have a radical court. It established itself. It's blowing away decades old precedents from Roe, which is a 50-year precedent to most recently, Chevron, which is a 40-year precedent. They just don't care what was there. And so the fact that they -- it looks like they have mauled some of the earlier decisions relating to Nixon as well and his getting subpoenaed for his tapes. It's just not clear at this point. The dust will have to settle, but this is a radical ruling that a president is immune, which is nowhere to be found in the Constitution or our history. So they also, in keeping themselves involved by ruling on what is official conduct, will have to clear that from case law from the court.