CNN Analyst “Shocked There's No Violence” During Chicago Protests

CNN's Harry Houck: “Thugs Like To Use This As An Excuse To ... Riot, Destroy Property, [And] Fight The Police”

From the November 24 edition of CNN's CNN Tonight:

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HARRY HOUCK: I'm shocked there's no violence. I really am shocked.

BAKARI SELLERS: You don't have to be shocked

HOUCK: Well I kind of thought maybe some -- there'd be problems in the inner city.

SELLERS: Why? Why?

HOUCK: Well, you know the thugs like to use this as an excuse to go there out and cause --

SELLERS: The who?

HOUCK: Thugs.

DON LEMON (Host): He's -- I don't think you're -- He's not talking about the protesters.

HOUCK: Now I'm not talking about these people here. I'm talking about people who will actually go out and riot, destroy property, fight the police.


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