Fox Panel Says Black Lives Matter Protesters Are Inciting Violence "To The Point Of Hate Crime"

Fox Panel Says Black Lives Matter Protesters Are Inciting Violence "To The Point Of Hate Crime"


From the November 24 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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BILL O'REILLY (HOST): But the horrendous situation in Chicago and Los Angeles, here in New York in some areas, generated by blacks. Yet, you never hear -- Most programs won't do this segment. 

LIS WIEHL: It is a complete double standard. 

O'REILLY: It is a complete double standard.

WIEHL: If you have got a white officer who's done something wrong and black person is hurt, exactly. They should get --

O'REILLY: They should get it, right. 

WIEHL: But here when you have blacks that are killing this poor white woman. There is no Black Lives Matter coming after them. 

O'REILLY: This has been going on for decades. And nobody is trying to solve the problem. 

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE: Right, but they're a hate group against police officers. 

O'REILLY: Where is Black Lives Matter on this? Did they release a press statement on this?

GUILFOYLE: No, they don't because this doesn't match their singular focus. There's hypocrisy there, and they essentially are espousing hate against police officers. 

WIEHL: That's exactly right. I almost think they are inciting violence to the point of hate crime. When they're coming out and saying pigs in a blanket and all of that. They are trying to incite that violence. That to me escalates, that's a hate crime. 

O'REILLY: Well I think that the bottom line on Black Lives Matter is if Black Lives Matter, how come this group isn't on the south side of Chicago when every weekend you've got a couple of dozen black lives lost. 

WIEHL: Right. They matter. 

O'REILLY: And you know who's killing them? Other blacks. But we don't hear a word of that. 


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