Recode's Kara Swisher: Fox News' “Pattern” Of Sexual Harassment “Clearly Has Been Going On For Years”

Swisher: “After All These Years ... They Didn't Do Anything. The Question Is Why Are They Suddenly Going To Become Good At It Now?”

From the April 10 edition of CNBC's Squawk Alley:

JON FORTT (HOST): Fox's viewer base, very supportive of Bill O'Reilly, including the president of the United States. What's the impact of this on the landscape, the way you see it?

KARA SWISHER: Well, I think they're more popular than ever with the group of people. They're going to dig in and say, “this is attacks.” That's how they've made their way for years now, is that they're being attacked, this is a seige. It's constant fear and loathing kind of network, a little bit. In this case, talk about a pattern. Like it started with Roger Ailes. This clearly has been going on for years. I think the question is how much credibility does an investigation have? Are they really going to do anything? Are they really going to go after their biggest star? Is Rupert Murdoch really going to pull the plug on him? I just don't see it. I think what they'll do is something like “mistakes were made, it's unclear, who knows.” And then they'll move on until they get everything they want out of Bill O'Reilly. And just like Glenn Beck, they'll eventually move on and they'll find other stars. But I think they'll probably protect him, would be my guess in this kind of a situation. Because after all these years and all these decades of this behavior, they didn't do anything. The question is why are they suddenly going to become good at it now?


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