Fox regular Clay Travis complains that Britney Griner is free but rape apologist Andrew Tate is still imprisoned

Griner was imprisoned for vape cartridges, while Tate is being investigated for rape and human trafficking connections

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Citation From the March 3, 2023, edition of Premiere Networks's The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show

BUCK SEXTON (CO-HOST): And you sit here and you say, okay, also I want to you know if it wasn't Biden, if it was Trump in the White House, I know it's Romania that's holding him. The timing does seem suspicious to a lot of people. Would there be a Black U.S. citizen, which is, Tate is a U.S. citizen, by the way, Would there be a Black American held in like the Romanian gulag for months on end with no actual presentation of charges, without a word of protest from the State Department? Really?

CLAY TRAVIS (CO-HOST): Just think about the way Brittney Griner was defended in Russia compared to the way that Andrew Tate is being defended in Romania. I mean, Brittney Griner admitted that she took drugs into Russia because she's a Black lesbian who voted for Joe Biden, the entire Democrat apparatus demanded that she get out of prison. Andrew Tate, American citizen, mixed race, like you said, his dad's Black, mom's white. It's almost like nobody cares that he's being held with no charges in Romania. Seems kind of counterproductive. And also hypocritical.

SEXTON: It's strange, isn't it? It's like they're not going to trade the Lord of War for Tate, are they? Remember that. That's what they did. Viktor Bout. They decided to make a trade. There's no trade going on here, but also there are no charges because he's being held indefinitely in a Romanian prison and he maintains he's 100% innocent. And a lot of people are saying, are there politics behind this decision that we're not even seeing? We'll look into more of this.