Clay Travis says the Indiana Fever should sign a man to “wreck bitches” who foul Caitlin Clark

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Citation From the June 3, 2024, edition of OutKick's OutKick The Show

CLAY TRAVIS: They should get an enforcer. It would be incredibly brave and heroic by the standards of the left, Dawn Staley included, if they could find a man pretending to be a woman to just run around and wreck people and protect Caitlin Clark, an enforcer like it's hockey. Go find Dennis Rodman, put him in a wig, he would make several million dollars. It would be very brave, he could keep his dick, no need to chop it off. Just put him in a sports bra, he could run around and just wreck chicks like he used to do protecting Michael Jordan. Bring him out of retirement. I think his daughter plays in the league if I'm not mistaken. Or is she a soccer player? Anyway, put Dennis Rodman in a sports bra. Dude's 60 years old, still would be a dominant player in the WNBA, and just tell him, ‘bad boy style, we want you to go out and protect Caitlin Clark.' Anybody that fouls her too hard, you wreck that bitch. Dennis Rodman could do that job today. He could - It would be heroic. Kim Jong Un in North Korea would be very supportive. Might bring the world together. Kim Jong Un might turn into a huge WNBA fan too. Back in the day, they used to wreck Michael Jordan. Dennis Rodman flipped sides and then he became a Jordan bodyguard. Go and just wreck bitches, put a wig on, claim that you're trans. He already got married in a wedding dress. Dennis Rodman would probably love that - like to dress up as a chick already. Guy is walking around in a miniskirt banging Carmen Electra back in the day, I don't know how he did it. I don't know how he did it, but Dennis Rodman banged more good looking chicks, that was the 90s man. Didn't matter. Dude put on miniskirt, high heels, and just banged hot chicks like crazy. I don't why they liked it, they did. Maybe he could bang some of these WNBA players if they weren't all gay. Put him in a skirt, put him in a sports bra, just put him on the court and let him wreck chicks. I'm telling you, I'd watch. Every single one of you watching right now, if 60- how old is Dennis Rodman? Hopefully he's still alive, somebody look up, Adam, how old Dennis Rodman is. You put Denis Rodman in a WNBA uniform on the, what are they, the Indiana Fever? And you said, ‘Dennis Rodman I got a fever, we don't need more cowbell, we just need more chicks getting wrecked. Anyone who puts a hand on Caitlin Clark, you knock the crap out of that bitch. You make her pay.' Every single one of you would watch. Dennis Rodman is 63 years old. I bet Dennis Rodman could go for 50 rebounds in a WNBA game right now. Doesn't even need to try and score. Put him in some of those Kim Kardashian Skims so he can tuck his dick up, put him in some Kim Kardashian Skims, put him in a Fever uniform, let him run around, he can dye his hair blond again, he could play in high-heels probably. Dude would go for 50 rebounds and he would wreck some bitches if they tried to hit Caitlin Clark. I would watch that tomorrow. It would be heroic. Everyone at ESPN would have to name him the woman of the year. I would watch that in a heartbeat and every single one of you would watch too. That's what they need. That's what the boyfriend or fiancé of Caitlin Clark has said, we need an enforcer. Just make it a dude.