Clay Travis claims World Aquatics statement barring Lia Thomas will encourage young people to transition

Travis: “What it's encouraging is super young kids to be transitioned”

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Citation From the June 13, 2024, edition of OutKick's OutKick The Show

CLAY TRAVIS (HOST): Lia Thomas, not allowed to swim in the Olympics. This is the right decision, I saw Riley Gaines tweet, and I agree with her that the NCAA should now remove Lia Thomas from NCAA record books because clearly a man should not be a women's sports champion. Also, while I agree with the decision and many people out there are saying, oh, well, this means that Lia Thomas can't swim in the Olympics. No it doesn't. Lia Thomas can swim in the Olympics. He just has to do it as a man, which is what he is. So it's perfectly logical. Here's the thing that's a little bit scary though, the Olympic body making this ruling said that Lia wasn't eligible to swim as a woman because the transition hadn't started before he began puberty. It's a big deal. Because, actually, what it's encouraging is super young kids to be transitioned.

This shouldn't happen anywhere, but this is particularly scary because they're actually saying Lia would have been eligible to swim as a woman if he had started getting gender reassignment treatments before he began puberty. No child should be getting, puberty changing drugs at any age before 18. I don't think it's healthy, frankly, even after the age of 18 to be getting opposite hormones of what your body is. In other words, women getting testosterone or men getting estrogen, but this is, I think, super scary that the official Olympic committee decision would actually, in some ways, encourage young children to receive, these puberty treatments before transitioning, to be able to compete in the Olympics.