Clay Travis claims there was “no real evidence” Allen, Texas, mall shooter was a white supremacist

Texas authorities claimed the shooter engaged in “neo-Nazi ideation” and had patches and tattoos linked to white supremacy

Contrary to Clay Travis' claims, police confirmed reporting that the Allen mass shooter had a swastika tattoo and held “neo-Nazi ideation.”

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Citation From the May 24, 2023, edition of OutKick's OutKick The Show

CLAY TRAVIS (HOST): Finally, Joe Biden in an address at Howard University said that the biggest threat – commencement address at Howard University – Joe Biden said that the biggest threat in America today was white supremacy. He really said that. That is one billion percent not true. I'm not even sure white supremacy is in the top one hundred biggest issues that our country faces today.

But Joe Biden is using his Department of Justice and he is using his FBI to create an artificial boogeyman that is designed to appeal to identity politics. And the idea is that white supremacists are everywhere. There was a Hispanic white supremacist who supposedly shot up a mall in Texas. No real evidence that that was a white supremacist. Media ran with it like crazy.