Douglas Murray and Charlie Kirk agree that there is a “war on white people”

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Citation From the April 28, 2022, edition of The Charlie Kirk Show, posted to Rumble

DOUGLAS MURRAY (GUEST): And as you know in the book, Charlie, I go through this methodically. But to start with, what I regard as being, perhaps, the largest moral outrage at the moment, which is what I describe as the war on white people. We in the West are multicultural countries, we have all sorts of people from all sorts of places in the world, and it's certainly one of the things that makes us distinctive. But we recognize racism in every single case except one. And the one we don't recognize it in and won't recognize it in is, in the moment, racism against white people, which is absolutely endemic and particularly in America.

You see, you can't have a war on the West unless you wage war on the majority. And the majority of people in America, as in Britain, are white. And so, of course, if you're going to war on the West, you have got a war on white people. You have got to say the most appalling, racist things about white people. You have got to pathologize white people. Then, you got to strip them of their history. You got to rewrite their history. You got to say that their history's no good or it's always been rotten. And they got no good heroes, not decent people in their past. Nothing to be proud of. Then you got to war on their religion. You got to war on the Judeo-Christian principles of the West. And, also, the secular Enlightenment principles of the West. 


CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): Let's talk about this war on white people. That's a thought crime, Douglas. 


KIRK: You're not allowed to say that. 

MURRAY: Oh yeah. 

KIRK: You're obviously welcome to say it here. We agree. We believe that all forms of racism are evil and awful.


KIRK: But the one type of racism you're not allowed to talk about, of course, is the war against people who look like you and I.