As Jeff Fager leaves, CBS has again gone out of its way to say this is not about sexual misconduct

Moments ago, it was reported that 60 Minutes executive producer Jeff Fager would be leaving CBS after reports of sexual misconduct. Seven women have come forward to report Fager of harassment and assault. According to CNN, CBS News President David Rhodes said Fager's departure is  “not directly related to the allegations surfaced in press reports, which continue to be investigated independently. However, he violated company policy and it is our commitment to uphold those policies at every level.” CNN reported that “CBS News declined to elaborate on what 'company policy' Fager violated.”

Earlier this week, CBS also announced that Les Moonves would be leaving his role as CEO and chairman of the board of directors after multiple women reported him of sexual misconduct.

In reaction to the latest news, Media Matters President Angelo Carusone issued the following statement:

With yet another high-profile departure at CBS following sexual misconduct claims, it is troubling that CBS has again gone out of its way to say that this is not about sexual misconduct. This only reinforces our warning that CBS doesn't seem to get it and isn't taking the steps necessary to actually address this problem.

Getting rid of people like Les Moonves and Jeff Fager without ever truly understanding and confronting the scope and causes of this problem is not going to address the larger toxic culture at the company. This is why it's so important for the investigation's findings to be shared publicly and not shrouded in secrecy.