CBS presents Infowars host Will Johnson as a random Trump supporter

CBS News conducted interviews outside a December 10, 2019, Trump rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania, presenting the interview subjects as random Trump supporters in a video posted to social media.

Writer and editor at The Informant, Nick Martin, pointed out that one of the random Trump supporters interviewed was Infowars host Will Johnson. In the interview Johnson said removal of Donald Trump through the process of impeachment would result in a civil war.

Infowars is a pro-Trump website best known for outlandish conspiracy theories that have sometimes led to violence, harassment, and death threats, including the promotion of the Pizzagate conspiracy, claiming the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax, and urging Infowars followers to “act on the enemy” with “battle rifles.” Infowars founder Alex Jones has warned of an imminent new American civil war and has loudly expressed his willingness to take up arms in such a conflict.

Johnson, who has previously said “we are in a civil war,” is also the creator of Unite America First, a group that has called Democrats “domestic terrorists.”

A similar situation occurred in 2017, when Kevn Martin, who had contributed to Infowars and been praised by Jones, appeared on Fox News and was interviewed in the crowd of a Trump rally in Pennsylvania by none other than Sean Hannity.