Hannity again steals from Alex Jones, interviewing a pro-Trumper who has contributed to Infowars

Hannity’s program is increasingly overlapping with Jones’ show

After his sycophantic interview with President Donald Trump, Fox News host Sean Hannity aired equally fawning commentary from audience members. In one of these seemingly random interviews, Hannity spoke to Kevin Martin, a man who has previously reported for and hosted Alex Jones’ Infowars. Martin’s insights included his opinion that Trump is doing a “phenomenal job” and that “a lot of the news media is fake, except Hannity.” Flattered by the interview, Hannity responded by saying, “I want this promo.”

Martin was introduced on Infowars in February 2017, after a video of him at the inauguration went viral, and he appeared on the show multiple times, functioning as a guest, a reporter, and a host. During a February 8 broadcast that also featured far-right troll Milo Yiannopoulos, Martin used the exposure to discuss his time at the Women’s March, noting that “it was a bunch of lesbian -- just a lot of angry, angry, angry women,” and claiming when he left, he “took three showers with bleach and steel wool.” Martin additionally appeared in an Infowars video about Jeff Sessions’ appointment as attorney general in which the host claims the reason Sessions’ appointment was held up was “because he is so against what’s going on with these pedophile secret societies,” alluding to Pizzagate conspiracy theories.

Hannity’s and Jones’ shows have become so similar in the era of Trump that in August, Jones remarked, “The Sean Hannity Show is now The Alex Jones Show.” Similarly, in June, Jones commented that “Sean Hannity is currently the main leader of the resistance against the globalists,” adding that Hannity “has the most courage of anybody in the media.” And in 2016, Jones claimed that Hannity called him to say, “Great job, we appreciate you.”