“Blah, blah, blah”: Candace Owens insists trans conspiracy theory on Brigitte Macron is “credible”

Owens: “Are you a crazy person to ask why something this big would matter?”

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Citation From the March 13, 2024, edition of Candace Owens, hosted by the Daily Wire

CANDACE OWENS (HOST): So we were trending in France yesterday. Yeah, Candace Owens trending in France, kind of a big deal. I love that. Why? For conducting basic research, for conducting a very basic investigation into the credible claims that Brigitte Macron was actually born Jean Michel Trogneux and lived for 30 years as a man before transitioning into a woman.

And guess what? Emmanuel Macron? He's mad you guys, he's big mad about this, check out this headline coming from the Daily Mail. It says “Furious Emmanuel Macron finally speaks out over claims his wife, Brigitte was born a man." He's furious guys. He's really mad. He's so, so furious. What are you gonna do? Well, I would suggest he just shows photos from the first 30 years of his wife's life. It really is that simple. So much anger, so many names, so many insults, so many ad hominid attacks; no attempt to just debunk it. So easy guys. It really is so easy.

Now, why does this matter? Some people are asking, why does it matter? I just want to ask those people back: are you insane? Are you a crazy person to ask why something this big would matter? I mean, it would mean that France is being led potentially by a psychopathic liar and a pedophile. Those would be the implications if this was proven to be true. It would also mean that the entire press in France is implicated in trying to cover up this massive lie.


OWENS: The story here seems incredibly credible and I think it's more credible due to the unbelievable level of gaslighting that is going on. Gosh, the entire French press, the mainstream press attacks me: “conspiracy theory," “debunked," “far right," “transphobe." Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. These magic tricks don't work anymore, you guys, wake up. It doesn't work anymore. We don't care anymore. The people of all of these countries are tired of routinely being called names when you guys have no evidence to the contrary.